Sunflower Mazes of Southern Maryland

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About Our Mazes

Now Open: Maze at our Morganza, MD Location

7/02 Update: Peak bloom expected to run through July 7.
DON'T MISS the beauty of the maze and pick-your-own sunflowers while they last!

Looking for a fun adventure for yourself, your friends or your family? Come visit one of our living mazes and experience the glory of walking through a field of giant sunflowers.

Looking for one-of-a-kind photo opportunities? Our flowers, fields, country setting and fun accessories (like our orange tractor) make great photo memories. We’re a popular destination for everyone, including professional photographers.

We also love helping our visitors learn about our ecosystem with fun activities and guides. We hope to see you soon!

NOW OPEN: Morganza, MD Sunflower Maze



25120 Colton Point Road
Morganza, MD 20660

NOTE: your map may show us in Morganza, Mechanicsville or Clements.


Tuesday-Sunday: 10am - 8:30pm
Closed Monday

Points of Reference

We're across street from Chopticon High School and we're on the Russell Bros. Farm property. Look for signs and banners. Once on the farm, drive past and around the greenhouses.


Morganza Maze

2020 Morganza, MD Sunflower Maze + Cut Flower Garden
A Tribute to Our Healthcare Heroes

Pick-Your-Own Sunflowers

$1 Per Stem + Maze Entrance Fee

Clippers and buckets are available at the admissions table, but you may bring your own.

Pick-your-own flowers are in the cut-flower garden; please do not pick flowers out of the maze. Flowers are priced per stem.

Please be gentle.

As you walk through the flowers, be mindful of where you’re stepping. Do not step on the plants or through the rows. Only pick the flowers you want to take home and leave the others for the next person to enjoy.

Select flowers that are not quite fully open to make your blooms last longest.

Cut diagonally across the stem about 18” below the head (about the distance between your fingertips and elbow), to ensure the flowers will be tall enough for any vase.

Do not cut the whole plant off at the ground.

 Always make sure to leave at least one set of leaves on the plant below where you cut your flower; this allows it to regrow.

Strip the bottom leaves off the stem.

This can be done on the field or at home. Make sure there are no leaves underwater in your vase.

Once you get home, place your flowers in clean water and keep them out of direct sunlight.

Change the water in the vase frequently to keep flowers fresh.

Come back again for more beautiful blooms!

The best time to cut flowers is in the morning before the heat of the day.

Goldpetal Farm's Gallery

The Design Process

We start planning our maze designs months in advance and are always trying new, innovative design ideas. One maze takes about 250 hours and over two months to get it ready for opening day.

Each spring (usually mid-to-late April) and once the ground soil temperature reaches 60 degrees, we start planting our sunflower seed mix. This temperature is necessary to ensure the seeds germinate uniformly. Our mazes take up three to four acres.

As the plants are growing, we begin plotting out the maze design the old-fashioned way — completely by hand using landmarks, stakes and by roping off areas. As soon as the sunflowers are about 12 inches tall, we cut the maze out of the growth. Then the flowers and other plants are left to mature and grow.

The Flowers, Plants and Pollinators

The first flowers to bloom on our fields are buckwheat. Ten days later, we’ll see mustard blooms. Buckwheat and mustard are used by our native pollinators as well as by the honey bees we keep on the farm.

Two weeks after the mustard is done blooming, our sunflowers begin to bloom. If we’re fortunate with the weather, we’ll enjoy about three to four weeks of gorgeous sunflowers. In total, our pollinators enjoy about eight weeks of floral food, and that makes them very happy. Us, too.