We are closed for the season, but will be back in June 2020. See you then!

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Pick your own flowers!

Our cut flower garden will be filled with even more sunflowers. We will be selling pick-your-own sunflowers when the cut flower garden is in season. It should roughly coincide with the maze, but could vary by as much as five days, weather depending. 

We hope our flowers brighten your days.

Clippers and buckets are available at the admissions table.

Pick-your-own flowers are in the cut-flower garden; please do not pick flowers out of the maze. Flowers are priced per stem.

Please be gentle.

As you walk through the flowers, be mindful of where you’re stepping. Do not step on the plants or through the rows. Only pick the flowers you want to take home and leave the others for the next person to enjoy.

Select flowers that are not quite fully open to make your blooms last longest.

Cut diagonally across the stem about 18” below the head (about the distance between your fingertips and elbow), to ensure the flowers will be tall enough for any vase.

Do not cut the whole plant off at the ground.

 Always make sure to leave at least one set of leaves on the plant below where you cut your flower; this allows it to regrow.

Strip the bottom leaves off the stem.

This can be done on the field or at home. Make sure there are no leaves underwater in your vase.

Once you get home, place your flowers in clean water and keep them out of direct sunlight.

Change the water in the vase frequently to keep flowers fresh.

Come back again for more beautiful blooms!

The best time to cut flowers is in the morning before the heat of the day.

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We'll be back June 2020 — see you then!


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